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Apr 26

I love small projects.  By small, I mean ones that you can finish in anywhere from one week to a month.  And portability is a bonus with small craft.  I would say anything that takes longer than a month definitely qualifies as a big project.  I usually have about three or four ongoing small projects and I just happened to finish a whole bunch!

See, what had happened was…I had laryngitis for two whole weeks.  And half of one of the weeks was my “staycation.”  Blergh.  That forced me to spend lots of hours “resting,” which in my world means crafting.  Crafting is pretty restful and it keeps you from getting cabin fever.  I also painted my living room/dining room/entryway/great room which was not restful, but I am very happy with the results (white instead of faded pea green) and that will result in some home decorating projects very soon.  I don’t usually do home dec sewing, but when I want something I do.  Only when I have to.  I ordered fabric for roman shades and I’m thinking maybe I’ll do a top-down/bottom-up shade tutorial for y’all.  I also ordered fabric for curtain panels and to cover the cushions on my banana leaf sofa.  And I’m using fabric I bought a long time ago to slipcover an IKEA Tullsta chair.  I’ll share all the projects as I finish them :).

Anyway, back to all the projects I finished while I was sick…

spring yarn wreath

Back in December at the 7 Cities Crafters Holiday Party, we made crafty wreaths.  Mine somehow turned into a spring wreath and the flowers and base got separated in my craft room before I had a chance to glue them together.  Well, I found them and finished it up.  We used plumbing insulation (the foam tube with the slit down the side) because it was cheap and we duct-taped it into a circle.  That was great until I put it on the exterior door and then the tape got humidified.  I didn’t notice it when I took the picture, but you can kind of see a kink where I joined the circle.  So next time I’ll use a regular wreath form, but I still think it came out pretty cute.  I was inspired by this wreath and the marled yarn she used.  I made the flowers from Jane Brocket’s book The Gentle Art of Knitting.  Jeff thinks it’s weird.  I’m not sure if it’s the yarn idea or the fact that it’s a non-holiday wreath.  Oh, well!

little french baby sweaters

These are the cutest baby sweaters!  I think they look french.  I used this (free!) pattern from the Purl Bee and then modified it to make a newborn size.  I’ve since modified it again to make the sleeves taller on the small size for next time.  The large size  is about a 6-9 months size I think, but it fits my four-month-old niece!  I used dk yarn (Berocco Vintage DK) so it came out larger than the pattern says.  I got both sweaters out of one skein each of pink and grey and now I’m making a set for another friend in navy and a natural undyed color.  I love how they turn out and the pattern is both ingenious and pretty easy.  There are many parts you can knit while watching TV or a movie.

crochet jars

And to round out the yarn crafts, here are some crocheted jar cozies!  I used Dottie Angel’s instructions (love her).  We will make something similar to this (although not in the round and my own pattern) in the Crochet 101 class.  They look great with candles at night too!  Jeff was very amused by these.  He kept telling me, “Now your jars won’t get cold!”

decoupaged lampshade

Alright, this isn’t a fiber craft, but I had to put it in because I really like how it turned out.  It was inspired by one in the current issue of Country Living magazine.  I got a plain lampshade and a used copy of Sense & Sensibility (actually my least favorite Jane Austen, but it had a good page color and font).  I Mod Podged ripped-up pages to the lampshade.  I Mod Podged some more.  And then, this!  Also note the non-pea-green wall in the background.  And yes, we do drink that much wine.

french table runner

french table runner detail

I bought the kit for this beautiful French table runner from French Connections at the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival in Hampton in February.  I also have enough squares and yardage (already cut out!) for four placemats to match.  I hand quilted this with long running stitches, Jane-Brocket-style.  I haven’t washed it yet, but hopefully it will get that lovely, pucker-y, quilted look when I do.  It’s so fun putting the colors together for this.

Winterwoods ABCs Sampler stitched by KP

Winterwoods sampler detail

And last but definitely not least…I finished my Winterwoods sampler!  I loved every minute of making it.  The motifs are enjoyable to stitch and not too large and the letters are very quick to stitch.  The Cashel linen is lovely and I really like working with the hand-overdyed floss from Weeks Dye Works.  The kit is still available on Alicia Paulson’s website.  She is a wonderful designer.  You should order it!  It’s addictive.  I hung it in the hallway with my Daisychain sampler.  Hopefully now I will carry the stamina from this project on to my French tablecloth.

Maybe I should get violently ill more often–I seem to get a lot done!  Or not.  Doing all these small crafts is kind of like running engine cleaner through.  It really increases my energy to do more :).

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  1. The winterwoods sampler looks awesome!! I can’t wait to start mine. (Forcing myself to finish the Daisychain ABC first)

  2. Meagan Taylor-Booth /

    Love, love, love the table runner – can I still get the kit for this? It might be a match made in heaven for private lessons!

  3. Hazel /

    I saw Tasha’s projects and I was floored! Awesome work!

  4. Jenny /

    So inspiring! Almost enough to make me want to get sick and have to stay home to craft! :) I want to make the crocheted jar huggies and table runner/placemats, PLEASE!

  5. That baby sweater is sooo cute! And your sampler is lovely:)

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