Whisky Cowl

Feb 15

Whew!  My first knitting pattern is published!  I’ve been working hard on this one for a few weeks and I’m very proud of the finished product.

I give you…the Whisky Cowl.  So-called because it will keep your throat as warm as whisky does.  You can buy it (for $3) on Ravelry and on Craftsy.

Kristin's whisky cowl

I originally designed this as a gift to give my bridesmaids.  I had searched online for a good gift and I was thinking of buying them cowls from Echo since two of them live in Colorado and one lives in Massachusetts.  But the Echo one was kind of pricey and actually rather poorly finished.  And 100% acrylic.  So I decided to make major improvements on the design (and some complete changes, like the direction of the stitches) and knit my own.  You know, with all the copious free time I had in the month before the wedding.  Luckily, making them turned out to be relaxing, easy, and quick.  So much so that I even made a couple more for holiday gifts and one for myself.  The great thing about this project is that the provisional cast-on and grafting will make you feel like a knitting rock star (if such a thing exists), but the body of the cowl is easy TV-watching knitting.  Perfect combo of relaxing and self-esteem-boosting.

Whisky Cowl front view

The Whisky Cowl is a seamless infinity scarf with a 180-degree twist, worked in garter stitch in the round horizontally for double thickness and grafted together at the end. The cowl is worked with two strands held together.  Links to video tutorials for the provisional cast-on and twisting and grafting are included in the pattern to supplement the written instructions.  Those are my hands in the videos.  You will not see my face at all though, because all Amber got for her steadfast efforts to get me to do an intro video was a huge reel of outtakes!  Let’s just say I learned that being on camera is not for me.  I can’t simultaneously look directly into the camera and remember what I’m supposed to say.  Maybe I should have made cue cards?

Whisky Cowl side view

Like I mentioned, the body of the cowl is very easy to knit.  Here is a list of the quality British-miniseries-viewing I was able to do while knitting the nine (yes, nine) cowls I’ve made so far: Downton Abbey: Season 1, Cranford with Judi Dench, North & South, Wives & Daughters, Daniel Deronda, and Pride & Prejudice (the 80s one).  All in November and December.  This is a great advanced-beginner pattern–the stitch pattern isn’t complicated but you’ll learn some new techniques like working in the round and grafting.  And each cowl took me about five hours to make.  I only needed three skeins instead of the four the pattern calls for, but I knit very loosely.

Whisky Cowls detail

The two strands held together make this cowl chunky and cozy, and the best part about the yarn is that you can machine-wash it. It’s super-soft and doesn’t have that sticky, acrylic feel that some blends have.

Whisky Cowls


Whisky Cowls 2

My friends Amber and Tasha test-knitted the cowl for me and helped me make significant pattern edits, so a huge thank-you to them!  Amber also filmed the video tutorials and showed me how to edit videos in iMovie which will really help me in future pattern-writing endeavors.  And Kristen (of Kitsch) took the wonderful photos (she also did my wedding photos) in which Annemarie and Amber modeled their cowls along with me.  Thanks for all the help and contributions, ladies!  I’m so glad to have such supportive friends with such useful skills :).

Amber's Whisky Cowl

If you make the cowl, I’d love to see photos and hear what you thought of the pattern!  You can find me on Ravelry and you can contact me here too.  Please let me know if you have any questions.  Look for more knitting patterns as well as some sewing patterns and kits to come in the future.  Happy knitting!

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  1. This cowl is awesome. Put down whatever knitting project you’re working on and knit this up before the winter is over and you’ve run out of chances to wear it.

  2. It looks great! So fun and easy to knit, I love mine.

  3. What a beautiful and versatile pattern! What yarn did you use? I like the tweedy affect. I don’t like scratchy yarn on my neck and these look so soft.

  4. Annemarie /

    I absolutely love this whiskey cowl I received for a bridesmaids gift :) It’s such an easy pattern and so enjoyable to knit. I’m currently knitting another for myself and love everything about it.

  5. This is awesome! Good job Kristin. As soon as I am done with current knitting project I’ll have to whip one up.

  6. I want to be a Knitting Rockstar too!

  7. Barbara /

    So cool, Kristin! Maybe I could be the opening act to a Knitting Rockstar… mom tried to teach me when I was a kid… and there’s a reason I don’t knit now… 😉

  8. Thanks for all the love, everyone! I worked pretty hard developing the pattern and then putting it all together. I hope you enjoy knitting it, and please post photos on ravelry so I can see how they turn out!

  9. Daddy likes!!

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